B. Peter Monson For Holladay City Council
Holladay Ward 4


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City Council Ward 4

B. Peter Monson has always maintained a strong sense of duty to family, community, and helping others. Leading Holladay as the District 4 City Council Member will be the next step in a path of service and compassion.

Peter Monson understands what it means to have diversity in a community and the strengths it brings. Being the son of an immigrant, being raised in multi-cultural and multi-religious homes, Peter was exposed to the bonds that unite and the issues that divide from an early age. A drive to understand others and to serve led Peter around the world on service missions and eventually to The Utah National Guard.

After almost four years in service in the intelligence fields, Peter developed a disability and was honorably released from military service. This showed him a new opportunity to serve in public and non-profit settings. Peter built upon his training by earning a B.S. in Economics, a B.A. in Chinese (in which he is fluent), and a Masters of Public Administration, all from The University of Utah.

During these years, Peter also worked in various non-profit and federal, state, and local government positions learning how to manage and administrate the best public services possible.

Peter Monson is running for Holladay City Council because he believes that everyone in Holladay can and should be represented. The face of Holladay is changing and it needs leadership that represents it: vote for someone who can do just that. Vote B. Peter Monson



Issue Areas


  • Responsible, Family Centered Development of the Cottonwood Mall Site


  • Road Safety and Renovation

  • Public Park Updates


  • New, Fresh Ideas that Represent the Future of Holladay

  • Pushing the voice of D4 in County and State Measures

I believe that in the end we all simply wish to be heard, to be understood. I will work to create a better Holladay, where we can come together to make lasting commitments to solve the issues we face.
— B. Peter Monson

With Your Help We Will Win For Holladay.



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